Ocean Biomolecular Observing Network

UN Ocean Decade-endorsed programme analysing biomolecules to monitor, research and understand ocean life

The Ocean Biomolecular Observing Network (OBON) is an endorsed programme of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development that will monitor, research and understand ocean life by analysing biomolecules.

Ocean life – from viruses to whales – is built from “biomolecules”. Biomolecules such as DNA infuse each drop of ocean water, grain of sediment, and breath of ocean air. OBON will develop a global system that will allow science and society to understand ocean life like never before. The programme will transform how we sense, harvest, protect, and manage ocean life, which faces multiple stresses including pollution, habitat loss, and climate change. It will also help communities detect biological hazards like harmful algal blooms and pathogens and be a key component of next-generation ocean observing systems.

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