How to get involved

Why should you affiliate with OBON?

  • Connection to others working on biomolecular analysis around the world
  • OBON sponsored workshops and other conferences at which you can connect with colleagues and share expertise and experience
  • Partnering in developing the data system and its tools for interoperability
  • Capacity development and training workshops

How can you participate in OBON?

  • Submit a proposal for a project to be endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade under OBON
  • Join one of OBON’s Working Groups

How can you help OBON?

  • Nominate individuals for the Science Advisory Committee and User Advisory Committee
  • Connect us with scientists and environmental managers in your area who are interested in using biomolecular tools

Click on the image above to view the recording of OBON’s Virtual Side Event at the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon, June 2022, and listen to flash talks from several OBON project partners.

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