Better Biomolecular Ocean Practices (BeBOP)

Biomolecular ocean observing and research requires a system to effectively archive, share, discover, and compare practices to increase the integration of and trust in biomolecular observations. Our goal is to develop a system to share biomolecular ocean practices that will be vital for building capacity in regions that are not currently using biomolecular monitoring techniques and will promote trust in biomolecular ocean data. This system in turn will support the use of biomolecular ocean knowledge for marine management and policy decisions. 

Better Biomolecular Ocean Practices (BeBOP) is building a transparent and (machine-)readable collection of biomolecular ocean practices (BOPs) that will increase the impact and mainstream use of ocean biomolecular observations, and produce a globally accessible community hub for the exchange of BOPs. Making BOPs openly available accelerates the uptake of biomolecular ocean observing techniques by broadening access to tried and tested methodologies. By providing a repository of protocols in use by the community, BeBOP contributes to capacity development by minimizing the resources needed for developing protocols and facilitates increased investment in biomolecular observation. Our repository supports the indexing of protocols based on study goals and resources, thereby allowing users to adopt protocols that fit their research needs and capacities.

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Kathleen Pitz

Project period

1 January, 20221 June, 2024 

Joined OBON in June, 2022
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