Guidance on Optimal Timing for eDNA (GOTeDNA)

With its power to increase coastal survey coverage, environmental DNA (eDNA) is increasingly employed to monitor ecosystems and support decision-making. Currently, there is no guidance on Optimal Timing for eDNA studies and monitoring programs for most species. Consequently, projects may fail to detect species of interest or spend more time and resources than needed. A better understanding of factors affecting eDNA presence is fundamental to optimize eDNA programs and interpret observed eDNA temporal trends within and among regions. This project aims to provide guidance on optimal eDNA sampling periods and standardized sampling procedures for assessing and monitoring coastal species using eDNA.

GOTeDNA, a centralized interactive online tool currently in development, will report and visualize trends in spatio-temporal eDNA distributions. By updating the tool as data are accrued, the degree of confidence in predicted optimal eDNA sampling periods will increase and be spatially-refined.

Other GOTeDNA Partners

Project period

13 May, 202231 March, 2025 

Joined OBON in February, 2024
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