Scripps Ecological Observatory (SEO)

The Scripps Ecological Observatory (SEO) establishes a modern observational program, building on over a century of environmental observations at the Scripps Pier.

SEO will consolidate and improve ongoing measurements, while applying new and emerging technologies to understand ecological change at an unprecedented level of detail.

These technologies include;

  • Automated, high-throughput in situ microscopy.
  • Molecular sampling techniques.
  • In situ sampling of dissolved gases.

SEO’s goal is to develop a sustained coastal ocean observing program that provides continuous, high resolution, high quality, and publicly available data on key environmental variables. This data will provide an unprecedented view of how the coastal ocean changes over time, and of key ecological dynamics involved in improved and diminished ecosystem services.

This initiative establishes a unique and sustained dataset on key ocean ecosystem variables that is designed for maximum discoverability and usability. These datasets will have a direct impact on our ability to predict and respond to changes in the coastal ocean, including harmful algal blooms, low oxygen “dead zones”, and ecosystem productivity. 

Lead Institute
Key contacts

Jeff Bowman

Project period

1 February, 20221 February, 2027 

Joined OBON in June, 2022
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